Chicken Gyoza with a Peanut Dip

Chicken Gyoza with a Peanut Dip

I love this chicken gyoza recipe because it offers two things: Really tasty and impressive looking food, yet a really simple method to put them together. I serve these with a peanut/satay style dip but there are so many different taste combinations you can do with this. Please send your comments and tag me in any Instagram pics of this, interested to see how it comes out. And don't worry about the shape, just worry about not eating them all in one go!


100g Plain Flour
50ml Water
1/2 tsp of salt
1 chicken breast, diced into small pieces
1tbsp Light soy sauce
1/2tbsp Sesame oil

Peanut Dip
3tbsp Peanut butter
3tbsp Cold water
1tbsp Light soy sauce
2tsp Honey
1tsp White rice vinegar


First, we’ll make the wrappers. Simply take a large bowl, tip in the flour and salt and mix together before making a well in the centre. Now take your water, and pour into the flour well and begin to combine the two either with a fork or why not get involved and use your hands. Once the two begin to come together, creating a sticky dough, take out of the bowl and place onto a floured surface. Gently knead the dough for around 5 minutesĀ or until the flour and water are well combined and you have an ‘elastic’ dough.

Now roll out until the dough is really thin – around 3-4mm – almost translucent but strong enough to work with. Once rolled out, take a 3 inch cookie cutter, and begin cutting out your wrappers. This dough should make approximately 15-18 but you may have to keep rolling out the excess and cutting.

Now you want to dice up your chicken, making the pieces a good enough size that they’ll fit within the wrapper and it will fold over easily. Perhaps test one first before doing the whole chicken breast. When you’ve determined the size, pop a piece of chicken on each wrapper. Now mix your soy sauce and sesame oil together in a small bowl and lightly brush each piece of chicken. The idea here is to add a bit of seasoning rather than marinating, so only a light sprinkling. Now fold each wrapper in half, and place onto a floured surface to stop them sticking.

Place a pan of water filled to 3/4 of the way up on a high heat until boiling, before reducing to a light bubble. Now take around 5-6 gyoza and carefully lower them into the water and let them boil for 5-6 minutes. They’ll begin to float to the top, keep boiling for the allocated time though to ensure the chicken is cooked. Once the time is up, take them out and place onto a plate and cover with foil to retain the heat. Continue to do the same until the batch is cooked.

Now, we’re going to lightly fry the gyoza to crisp them slightly. It’s important to be careful here as any excess water may cause the oil to spit, so please take extra care when doing this. Drizzle your oil into a drying pan over a medium heat. When the oil is hot, take a batch of gyoza and place them down on one size and lightly fry until browned. Quickly flip over, and take out the gyoza. Continue until the batch is finished and again, over with foil to retain the heat.

For the peanut sauce, combine all of the ingredients into a small pan and place over a low heat, stirring so not to burn. The sauce will begin to thin, however if you go past this point and it becomes thick, just add a splash of water and stir in.

When the sauce is warmed through, serve up your Gyoza with some shredded spring onion and enjoy!

If you enjoyed this chicken gyoza recipe, please do let me know either on Instagram or contact me here!

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