Pulled Pork in Apple Cider and BBQ Sauce

Pulled Pork in Apple Cider and BBQ Sauce

This pulled pork was a little one off that turned out to be an absolute gem! Although the prep isn't too difficult, it takes a while to cook, and the longer you cook it the more tender it is. Give this a go as a treat, served up with some flatbreads and a sprinkle of spring onion. Although in this recipe I use a casserole dish, you can use a slow cooker, just extend the cooking time slightly.


1-1.2kg Pork Shoulder
2-300ml Good quality apple cider
2tsp Paprika
1tsp Brown sugar
Salt and Pepper to season
BBQ Sauce (any will do, just use your favourite).
10-12 Flatbreads
1 Spring onion, finely diced.

Barbecue Sauce

100ml tomato passata
1tbsp cider vinegar
1tbsp brown sugar
1tsp dijon mustard
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1/2 tsp onion salt
2 tsp paprika
1tbsp worcester sauce


Preheat your oven to 120°C and make sure there is plenty of room for a casserole dish big enough for the joint of meat to fit comfortably.

Mix your paprika and brown sugar in a small bowl and add a good pink of salt and pepper to season. Remove any string from your pork and rub in paprika mix, making sure to coat well. If you don’t have enough, simply remake – the better you cover it the more flavour you will have. Take your casserole dish, and pop in your joint of pork and pour your apple cider on and around the meat (You’ll notice this only uses half a bottle – the rest is a little treat while you wait!).

Next, place your casserole dish over a hob and bring the cider to a slight boil before placing on the lid and popping into the oven (please only do so if your dish allows it, if not, simply place into the oven). Allow your pork to cook for at least 4 hours. Do not remove the lid as the cider will create steam that will penetrate the pork and the flavours will go all the way through – amazing!

When the time is up, take out the pork and try pulling some with a fork. It should be really tender and fall apart. If not, pop the lid back on and cook for a little longer, checking every 20 minutes or so.

When you’re ready to serve, it’s time to prepare your bbq sauce. Put everything into a small pan and mix until well combined. Place over a low heat, stirring regularly until small bubbles appear. Keep stirring for a couple of minutes and remove from the heat.

Once your pork is cooked, shred with a couple of forks, and pour over your barbecue sauce and serve up with some flatbreads and a sprinkle of spring onion.

This is a treat, so don’t have it a lot! Although a bit of indulgence is good for the soul I recon.

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